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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Feebee - 2 DPO

I'm fairly relaxed today, haven't been googling "2dpo symptoms", haven't been having any crazy 2ww fantasies.

I wasn't particularly tired yesterday, but exhaustion hit me hard around 10pm and I could barely speak. Could be the result of work + toddler. Have been pretty alert and focussed at work today though.

Had the ache behind my boobs again this morning, but can't seem to get it now no matter what angle I sit at or how hard I push against them.

Much less creamy CM today, but still a little. Same as colour and texture as yesterday but only about half as much.

Woke up starving this morning, even felt a slight bit nauseous before I ate. This was the sign that convinced me last time, so am putting a lot of weight on this "symptom" this time. Am starving again now, but have worked through lunch so not significant.

I said yesterday that I would tell warts and all, so I am probably obliged to mention that I had a bit of a dodgy tummy around lunchtime, followed by a trip to the toilet for a loose bowel movement! All was well soon after.