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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Feebee - 4 DPO

This morning started off pretty much as yesterday did - not tired, not hungry, didn't need to pee during night (although had needing-to-pee pain when woke up), CM disappearing and no boob pain. Was exhausted again last night though.

Felt slightly weak on the way to work, in a low-blood-sugarish sort of way, a feeling I usually get about a week before AF is due. It's also the only symptom of AF that I get - have never noticed sore boobs, bloating, cramping or any symptoms others report. It didn't last long, so I'm hoping it isn't related to the dreaded Aunt Flo.

I ate my lunch at 11am! Couldn't wait - it was sitting here beside me, taunting me and I just felt SO HUNGRY. Still am, wondering whether I should have a "lunch" lunch now. This isn't like me, I don't even snack most of the time. I haven't had any of the achy hunger pains I got when pregnant though, just couldn't resist temptation.

Thought I felt the ache behind my boobs again this morning, but it's gone now.

Have started to consider how I'll feel if I'm not pregnant. I've been so focussed on getting pregnant this month as a way of dealing with my miscarriage, that I haven't allowed myself to think that it might not actually happen. What will I do? Will be devastated, but suppose I'll just keep on keeping on. At least I'll get another month's use out of this blog!


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