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Friday, September 30, 2005

Feebee - 5 DPO

Delighted to report that I had to get up to pee at 4am. This could have been the fault of our wriggly DS, who joined us in the early hours and kept waking me up. Had crampy feeling with needing to pee at 4am and again at 7.30am.

Breasts felt achy when DS was climbing on me this morning, but still not sore to the touch.

Also pleased to find "creamy lotion" CM this morning. About 3 x 1 cm of it on my knickers and more when I wiped. Slight sort of sweet smell to it. There hasn't been much of it since, but it's always welcome.

I have to admit that I know HCG isn't produced until implantation, so I'm aware that my body is not undergoing any changes at the moment, even if I am pregnant. I also realise (and this was pointed out in a comment yesterday) that my early boob ache could have been a leftover O symptom. However, some women swear they felt different right from O, so who am I to ignore hearsay???

I was asked yesterday when I plan to test. Well, my first scan was supposed to be on Thursday 6 October, so I think I'd like to know by then. It will be CD26 and 11dpo. Last month I saw my first very, very faint line on CD22, 7dpo. Four days and several HPTs later I finally got a line strong enough (but still fairly faint) to convince myself I was pregnant. Don't want to put myself through that again. However, I am a HPT addict and could crack at any time!


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