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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Feebee - 6 DPO

I didn’t keep a record of my 2ww symptoms during my last pregnancy, but I did post on Magic Mum, so I’ve fished out my posts to see how the symptoms compare to this time.

At 5dpo I woke up with a slight hungry/sick feeling, a bit like the morning sickness I got with DS. I’ve had this feeling ever since, but is definitely not more pronounced now than it was a week ago, or even a week before that. So I’m not making anything of it.

At 6dpo I was woken up in the early hours with terrible stomach cramps, which had me running to the loo for a loose bowel movement. I was sweating and felt like I could pass out, but after 5 mins I felt completely fine and went back to sleep. I’ve no idea what caused it, but the same thing happened with DS at around the same stage of my cycle so I counted it as significant. It hasn’t happened this time – I don’t know whether that’s good or bad.

I didn’t report any more symptoms until 9dpo, when I had heavy AF pains all over my lower abdomen. I also had pains behind my boobs, but they weren’t sore to the touch.

I had the same pains again at 10dpo, and I also had one single spot of red blood on my pants. I also reported feeling constantly hungry and exhausted. At this stage I was getting very faint lines on HPTs, and by 11dpo I finally got the line that convinced me I was pregnant.

There’s not much to report today. I still have creamy CM, but it’s thicker and stickier than before. No boob pain, no cramps, but I am feeling quite emotional. I met some friends whom I hadn’t seen since the miscarriage, and when I told them about it I felt really shaky. Obviously it’s still very raw and I’m allowed be upset, but until now I haven’t had a problem talking about it and I’ve done all my grieving in private. Felt pretty crap for the rest of the day then. I’ve been on such an emotional rollercoaster for the past few months, and I’ve managed to remain positive and forward-looking throughout – it’s been my way of dealing with everything. However, I think the next week might be the hardest of all, let’s just hope I get good news at the end of it.


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