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Monday, November 14, 2005

Feebee - 2/3 DPO

Had a great weekend, but two nights of drinking has made my chart a bit indecipherable. I need to identify O for my gynae appt on Thurs but have conflicting info from chart, OPKs and my own observations of CM and O cramps. I would appreciate any advice possible on this. Here's my chart:


It suggests I O'd on Fri. However, I got -OPK on Thurs night and only a little bit of EWCM on Fri, plenty more on Sat. Thurs was my last OPK, wish I'd forked out for some more now. I also got slight O pain in the early hours of Sun morning - this usually happens the day after +OPK so I take it to mean I am ovulating around the time it happens.

Basically, my chart says I O'd on Fri, I think it was late Sat/early Sun. If at all. How much would alcohol on Fri and Sat nights affect my temps the next morning? How much does testing an hour or 2 later than usual affect temps?

Thank you very much.


At 6:23 PM, Anonymous lisau said...

Hmmm...Were your OPK's getting progressively darker or were they about the same while you were taking them? Mine usually stay about the same then a day before a + I get darker (much closer to +).

As far as temps go it depends on how much you drank-if you often have a glass of wine & this time you had 2-3 it wouldnt neccessarily make a big diffference but if you usually don't drink & had 3 it probably would! The extra sleep also can mean a little or a lot depending on your body.

Sorry I am so little help! The CM is key though,once you are dry you have definitely O'd with lot's of EW probably not yet! Your temps will be tricky at this point as now that you HAVE O'd they will stay up and your O date probably won't change. If you had celebrated earlier in your cycle FF would have recognized falsely elevated temps as they would have gone back down when you got back to your regular routine!

So...I'd go by your feelings of O on this one..if your temps stay up you definitely O'd & probably when YOU thought (You can override FF's O if need be on the chart)
If your temps were to drop for more than 1 day or you did not dry up then you would need to reevaluate!

As for me I am 3dpo & had a lovely weekend with lot's of hiking and fresh air & some creative time for me making jewelry on Sunday. Wishing you luck at your appt. & with this cycle,

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Thanks Lisa. I have a feeling my temps were falsely elevated (had more than 3 glasses of wine!) on Sat and Sun so will wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Your weekend sounds great. It's getting too cold here now for regular healthy outdoor activities - I am a complete wuss when it comes to the cold.


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