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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Feebee - 4 DPO

I have been reliably informed that I should use my temp rise as the primary indicator of O. So now I'm 4dpo - yay, I've gained a day!

I haven't done any symptom watching yet so here goes: I think my CM has been creamy since O - the, ahem, "leakage" from my pessaries makes it difficult to observe. Today I had strong pains in my lower abdomen for 2 periods of about 15 minutes, more like a stitch than O or AF cramps. Apart from that, nada. In fact, the only side effect I've noticed from Clomid was slight O pain around CD2/3.

The big question now is, how long can I hold out before testing - anyone want to open a book? I'm aiming to get past next weekend to 10dpo. I've rationalised that if I can wait until the 26th then I can still have a happy Christmas one way or another, but the reality is that AF will almost certainly have arrived by then if that's what she is planning on doing. Decisions, decisions...


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