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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Feebee - CD13

We didn't get the tree :(

AF finally buggered off on Saturday so I ended up with a 10 day AF. Gynae called and said it's not usual but it does happen (very scientific). She also said that my day 21 progesterone level was 43, which is very good and indicates that I was ovulating just fine on my own. I'm to stay on the Clomid and the progesterone pessaries though. Still waiting for O so I can try out those fun-sounding pessaries.

Got another absolutely definite +OPK on Friday with no other signs of O, so did some thorough Internet research. Apparently the advice is not to test for O for 3 days after taking Clomid, as it can cause false positives. Only -OPKs since, so that's that.

Have been having very slight O pains on both sides today (yipee!) so am hoping that I get a double chance at conceiving this cycle. Ok, ok, I'll be honest - TWINS!!!

Keeping very busy these days so not much time to obsess. Am also gearing up for Christmas, and very slowly starting to believe that the Clomid might actually work. We'll see.



At 2:49 AM, Anonymous lisau said...

Yay for twins! I have twin brothers & my mom's sister had twins & her mom's sister had twins so it's a possiblility for me as well.

I make beaded jewelry with sterling & semi-precious beads...I am starting to learn how to set stones & soon hope to learn how to make my own molds and cast my own jewelry so then it's all my work! It's more fun than profit at this point..the money comes in with working with gold & silver and designing your own stuff completly & that's if you are lucky! I also have a strong interest in writing/illustrating & in teaching art so hope to someday contribute more to the family income.

After my shows are done I'm photographing a couple of pieces so if you are curious I'll post them on my Yahoo photos.

Anyway, it sounds like your body is doing what it should,GREAT progesterone levels. GO EGG(S) GO!
Take care,

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All sounding good feebee :) Hoping for a 2-for-1 special offer for you.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Lisa - would love to see some of your jewelry, let me know when you have some pics.

Thanks Derv - are you secretly hoping for the same, or will one be enough for you?

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not on your nelly! Just one beautiful healthy (girl if poss) baby will be fine thank you....mind you with the new budget ;D


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