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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Feebee - CD14

It's that time of month again, I'm starting to get excited about this cycle - somebody take me aside and beat it out of me, I'm sure it's not healthy.

A very knowledgeable lady told me that my Day 21 progesterone level of 43 could indicate that we were very close last month, ie sperm met egg but didn't go all the way. It could explain the fact that I had similar 2ww symptoms to when I was pregnant - creamy CM and mild O pains throughout the 2ww (or the 10dw as it is in my case). OR I just wasn't pregnant at all and the 2ww symptom theory is load of old pants.

My thyroid and blood count came back normal too, so just FSH, LH and testosterone to go. Wasn't concerned about these at all as I was expecting the progesterone to be the pesky troublemaker, but now of course I'm condemned to google hormone level scaremongering until my results come in. Oh to be normal *sigh*

Ha, just managed to talk that inital optimism out of myself - you can put your baseball bats away!


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