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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Feebee - CD8

I am now on day 8 of bright red bleeding. I've read that Clomid can cause heavier periods, but what about longer ones? Will have a look at TCOYF tonight. I have to admit I didn't learn anything new on my first read-through, which made me feel that a) I may have wasted my money and b) I am a jaded TTCer.

I went to the funeral of an old friend's father yesterday and was dreading the line of new babies and pregnancies that would undoubtedly be paraded in front of me. I brought DS with me, possibly to make it clear that I am not actually infertile. No new babies, no pregnant friends, just several people who seemed geniunely pleased to see me - I really need to stop taking life so seriously.

So, looking forward to Christmas and all it might bring. I'm dying to try out those progesterone pessaries, so come on AF - sling your hook so we can get cracking on this baby!


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