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Monday, January 16, 2006

Feebee - 6 DPO

We had a lovely weekend, but when we got back we found out that MIL's best friend had died. Very sad news in itself, but worse still it looks like the funeral will be on Wed morning, the morning of our MFC appointment. MIL is in a nursing home so will need at least one and probably both of us to take her to the funeral. I'm not going to panic until we find out for sure if there will be a clash.

DH had his SA today. We didn't read the list of instructions that came with his letter of appointment until last night. "Avoid extremes of hot and cold". Uh-oh. DH spent half an hour in a jacuzzi on Sat (I avoided it as I could, in theory, technically, be pregnant). The possibility of male factor infertility is new to us, so we have never really addressed the issues surrounding it. So, feeling newly green and naive, we did a quick google, and after ignoring a few alarmist reports we came across some advice from Toni Weschler - ok in moderation but best to be avoided. Interestingly, she also mentioned avoiding cycling every day - DH's bike was stolen before Christmas but until then he had cycled to and from college every day. So we should be quids in for sperm by March.

As for symptoms, not much to report. On Sat (4dpo) I had a mild O pain once or twice on each side, and had a sharp pain once on my left side when I stood up too quickly. Yesterday (5dpo) I had no more O pain, but kept imagining I had mild pain in my boobs (but no pain when prodded). Today I have a slight ache behind my boobs. Still have creamy CM but expect to have that until I finish with the progesterone pessaries. So, all in all, starting to deflate and wonder how I'll cope with another disappointment.

Oh, as I write I have the slightest (possibly imaginary) pain in left ovary. Disappointment cancelled for now.