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Monday, February 06, 2006

Countdown to IF - only 10 days to go?

Which makes me 3dpo. I think. I always used to marvel at those on message boards, who, seeming to have read the same amount of info as me, could never quite work out when they were supposed to have EWCM, what exactly a +OPK meant, and once all this was explained, when they should "BD" (let's just call a shag a shag, ain't much ritual dancing going on in our bedroom). Well blow me down with a boa feather and dust me with custard........I'm not sure what's going on with my cycle this month.

Got a surprise +OPK on Fri. Let me backtrack - had surprise EWCM on Tues and Wed, surprising in that it was so early (was still spotting from AF) and also because I don't usually get stringy, stretchy CM. Didn't think too much of it and only started temping and OPKing on Thurs. On Fri got +++OPK and, as usual, had to beat some life into a drunken DH, but we got there in the end. Had a temp rise on Sat, but as we had been out drinking, I can't say for sure what caused the temp rise. Temps have stayed up slightly since then, but not near as high as usual (but not on progesterone any more so that could be it). Didn't get my usual O cramps on Sat (slight discomfort but not really localised), but not on Clomid any more so not expecting strong cramps. Fertility Friend wouldn't give me an O date as I didn't have enough pre-O temps, so entered a couple of fake ones, and even though the last 2 temps have been dangerously close to the coverline, am now 3dpo.

Or am I? This morning I had more EWCM. Definitely stringy and definitely stretchy. FF has given me dashed crosshairs. I guess we'll treat it as fertile and act accordingly. I don't know why all this matters. I suppose it doesn't really. I'd just got my hopes up for a short cycle, and had adjusted to 3dpo thinking. Had even worked out my dates.

Which makes me think, each cycle is so delicately balanced. There are the dark days of CD1-3, the philosophical ones of CD4-7, the proactive period of CD8-14, and then the positive, hopeful days of the early DPOs. It would be difficult to pin down the 2nd half of the luteal phase with any one or two adjectives - let's just throw in all human emotions, reaching the depths of all possible despair by about 10dpo.

So there was me being all positive and hopeful, and now I have to go back to being bloody proactive and I don't want to! Stomp, stomp, sulk. Oh well, "at least you'll have fun trying" - ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.......


At 6:09 PM, Anonymous lisau said...

dust you with custard...like that one...
I'd wonder if you got set to O but didn't quite get there. It is more difficult temp-wise because they will be lower without the progesterone. So..hard to tell & I guess you know what you have to do to be sure....can't ignore gobs of EWCM...(ah the romance of TTC).

I am having a clearinghouse AF myself...so hoping it does some good. Will take soy days 3-7 & see what happens. Must run as Helena has a bitty guest & I hear screaming...if you have spare OPK's I'd use one...HUGS,

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Treelo said...

Hiya feebee, just wanted to say hi. I can understand you leaving MM alone for the moment, must be SO disheartening to see all the bfp's. I'm still not ttc but looking forward to it in May or so. Just wanted you to know I keep an eye on you too, my heart goes out to you chicken. I'm hoping above all to see you on the PAL thread soon, maybe all the EWCM is a sign of increased fertility? Good idea to bd every night, pack 'em in there!! Fingers crossed one will hit the target. Thinking of you honey,T

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Lisa - we did what we had to do. DH was ecstatic to find out the first O may have been a false alarm. Maybe I should have told him before he crawled into bed at 1am after working all night.

Treelo - lovely to hear from you. I fear I may have been forgotten on MM amidst all the good news. I really appreciate it that you and Derv still keep in touch. I reckon you'll have some good news before me, but you never know - maybe we'll be celebrating together!

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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