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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What will be will be...

I snapped at my mother a few weeks ago for using this line on me, but today I just feel like going with the flow.

It will happen when the time is right. When my body is ready. When it's meant to be. These things take time you know. It will happen when I least expect it. When I've stopped trying. I just need to relax, focus on other things, have a positive mental attitude. Maybe I should change my diet, take up yoga, join a club. Adoption - that's another thing that helps couples conceive. It will happen for me soon, many people are sure of it. Or maybe I should just stop fretting and concentrate on the one beautiful child I have.

So many options, so much to think about.

Please feel free to add advice of your own.


At 4:51 PM, Anonymous lisau said...

Hey Feebee,
I think you are doing what you need to do by getting help.
You will make your own destiny as opposed to letting it happen when the moon is blue or whatever.

I did some sperm quality research both in med-sites & more natural health sites. One thing you definitely want to add is Vitamin C. Since it just passes though the urine you can take high doses with no ill effects & high doses are what you want,1000 mg,I believe (I'll double check).Also Vitamin E in regular dose (toxic at doses too high). Other than that..I read about Arginine & Carnitine but think they need some good concrete study.

Seeing a urologist is key. If your DH has a Varicocele in his testicle it can be corrected with usually GREAT results..it's very common (Max has one). The urologist
I read an interview by said morning sperm is higher quality than later day & that olive oil is the best lubricant if you are into that(there is a whole big market for something called pre-seed oil & to think the better choice is in the kitchen!) Also it DOES take time to see the results of any treatment as sperm is built up every so often. 3-4 months would be typical.

So..my saying is..YES,it will happen,you may have to work harder than most for it-it may not happen as soon as you would like it too but with your dilligence it will happen.

As for me..temp drop +spot at 13 dpo means I will be out & I hope soon so I can try again.I was actually hopeful in spite of myself last night as my temp was particularly high & I hadn't spotted yet,unusual for me.
While figuring out finances we realize that my husband needs another degree in order for us to have the best moving options & a guarenteed salary with which to fund adoption. So-he will start this summer and my dreams of one more child will likely wait for awhile. (2 years)I haven't figured out if I can completely quit trying without a baby on the horizon but certainly after April I will be saying bye bye to the hard core TTC.

Take care Feebee,

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

I think parents in particular find it hard to see you so sad and fretting and just want to make things better for you and so may often say silly things that we don't want to hear but with the best of intentions.
When I was TTC number two I was determined to get pregnant as soon as possible after DD1 was born to prove to people that my DH and I wanted kids together and that DD1 conceived when we knew each other only a few short weeks was not a mistake.
I was so into the whole thing I thought of little else.
I was on rollercoaster at the time on the TTC board and checked it like a maniac every day until I realised just how stressed I was getting.
I was listening to all these technical terms and learning about basal temps etc and wondering how in the world DD one was ever conceived so easily when I had no clue about fertility.
Not saying that TTC will suddenly be relegated to the back of your mind but maybe concentrating on it too much isn't healthy for you.....have you considered simply not talking about it or typing about it or reading up on it for a while....I mean what have you got to loose.....
My SIL has five kids and got pg on her fifth when I was trying for number two and it finally hit me that I had to calm down on the TTC thing when I felt nothing only jealousy of her when I found out her news.

Different stokes for differtn folks and all that but I do feel maybe you are over thinking the whole process a bit.....

Not trying to upset you, just giving an opinion.

At 10:03 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Lisa - thanks for the info, will definitely get some vit C and E.

What a disappointment after getting to 13dpo with high temps. Is it definitely all over? Sorry to hear you have to push your plans back a bit, but at least you've got things started. And what a great husband! And you know what happens when you stop trying!!!

Hope you'll stay in touch once you've eased off TTC.

Amber - of course you are right, and in response to your comments I am going to take a break from all Internet TTC stuff for the rest of the week.

See y'all later...

At 3:52 PM, Anonymous rachemm said...

Well I dont believe that 'relaxing' and 'not thinking about it' helps when you actually have medical problems. These suggestions are grand for people that have no known problems but if you do have some identified problem, then read up as much as you can about it, arm yourself with information and work with that. Ok, you might be obsessed by it (which of us isnt), but who says you cant get preg while obsessed?
I always take a break cd1 - cd9, but as soon as I come back I'm just as obsessed as ever.

At 12:03 AM, Anonymous lisau said...

Happy weekend,
Wishing you luck & although it's great to be non-obsessive
I do like hearing your news-TTC or not so if you get really good at it just pop in & chat about the weather or your cute boy or your business venture...
take care,

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Amber said...

God hope I wasn't the one to put you off your blogging as I am actually very interested in your story just thought a break would do you good!!!
Checking in to see if you were ok>>>>

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Lisa and Amber - I was just really busy last week and used it as a reason to ease of TTC stuff for a while. Back now.

rachemm - I agree that no amount of relaxing can fix a medical problem. I'm actually relieved in a way that I can say to people - well, my husband has dodgy sperm so I can relax til the cows come home but it's not going to make me pregnant. He, on the other hand, is not so pleased.


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