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Monday, May 29, 2006

Cee Dee 5ive

Just back from a scan at the fertility clinic. I have a 14mm follicle, which means I am either going to O in the next 2-3 days, or I have a big fat cyst that could mean no IUI next cycle. The midwife reckons it looks like an early O, which tallies with the pains I've been having in the last few days, and EWCM today.

If it is an early O, on the plus side I could be less than a fortnight away from IUI.

This is, as usual, outweighed by the minus side:
1. Early O = thin endometrial lining at implantation time.
2. O will probably be at same time as HSG = even less chance of implantation.
3. My doc may finally admit that I have dodgy cycles and rethink the natural IUI next cycle.
4. If she decides I need IUI with injectables, then I have to have "training" which will set me back another month or two.

The midwife advised us to use contraception this month as the HSG dye interferes with the endometrial lining, and, while not proven to be dangerous to an embryo, there is little chance of implantation, so there's not much point in TTC.

So there's a chance, right??? "Little chance" is all we ever have, so that's good enough for me! As for the thought of us at it like rabbits, forcing ourselves to stop to put on a condom - ha ha ha ha ha - wanna laugh with me or at me???


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