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Friday, May 26, 2006

The final countdown

Just sent off our adoption application!!!! I'm so excited, I'm literally counting the days.....only 2007 to go.


At 5:19 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Lisa - any news?

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous lisau said...

Hi Feebee,
Yeah,after a beautiful dip/rise my chart crashed & burned...spotted today & just to make myself stop having any false hopes I tested BFN! I belong to a small over 40's
board & mentioned today that each cycle is like a mourning for that "baby to be" in my head. Unfortunately or fortunately I am really an optimist by nature so in spite of the odds I do have hopes each cycle- figure out my potential due date..wonder how on earth I will tell all the people who will think I am insane for having another..give them all the "it's my Life" speech in my head...and so on...
It takes me a few days to get used to the idea it hasn't happened.

Anyway, enough,(More than) about that...I am so glad that you are on your way! I think I may put in a call to the organization that I am hoping to go through & get some feedback on when to start our process given that our finances are 2 years away. I don't know how much up front money you must have. Maybe we could start next year.

Hey..I have an idea for a book that I would love your feedback on but don't want to post online..I don't know if you would wish to somehow exchange e-mails so I could run it by you.. I completely understand if you don't wish to..& don't know how to do it here anon..(I am really not that computer savvy).I do think it is a sweet idea..I have had a couple writer friends who have given me postitive feedback but would love yours as
well..anyway think it over,

Take care & have a lovely weekend, we will be hiking & birdwatching & gardening,


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