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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You wait 6 months for an appointment...

...and then three come at once. DH went to see the urologist last week: he has a varicocele and an operation to remove it has a 40% chance of improving his motility. He can have the operation done in July if we go private (e1500 and probably not covered by insurance) and god knows when if we go public. It will then take about 6 months from the operation to see an improvement in his swimmers (if he falls in the lucky 40%). Will probably go for it, but as a way to make things easier for conceiving our next child. In the meantime...

Got a cancellation appointment with our current fertility doctor for yesterday, so went in armed with charts, hopes and expectations of IUI next cycle. In a nutshell, she was cold, dismissive and rude, and when she told me the next step was a HSG that I would have to wait a few months for, I lost it and started crying. As DH tells it, I then became quite aggressive (I don't think I need a HSG as was pregnant last summer, and certainly don't want to wait several months for one) and so did she. She told me if I didn't like it I could go elsewhere, so that brings us to appointment number 3...

I will be visiting the lovely people at that nice fertility hospital in Kildare (won't name it as I don't want to turn up on a search) on 15th June. In a strange twist of fate though, Dr XXX's secretary has organised for me to have a HSG either next cycle or the following one, followed by an IUI if all is well. So will keep both options open for now, as long as I don't have to see Dr XXX again.


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous lisau said...

What a B____! It is amazing how insensitive some doctors can be & good for you for speaking your mind. Your body,right? You know it well. There really is no reason to suspect blockages...is it being proposed as diagnostic? I know that if there is an issue that the procedure can clear things up sometimes along with diagnosing but it really should be your decision. I also don't know why it would be imperative before having an IUI, is that standard?It seems like that means a problem is assumed. Anyway keeping your options open seems like the way to go. If you do have IUI can you do so for several cycles?
I hope your other appointment goes well with better empathy for you & respect for your opinions.

As far as DH goes I think it does make sense to have it corrected. I know it doean't always affect fertility (Max has one so we have already discussed this with his urologist) but as it is a minor procedure you might as well take care of it just in case.

I hope you get lucky & are able to avoid a lot of this stuff but I think it is always good to get information & to have options.Hugs and back pats for standing up for yourself..it's not always an easy thing to do at the Dr.s & some of them don't take well to being questioned..the best however, do I believe.
take care,

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Lisa - she'll let me do 3 cycles of IUI, so I'm keeping my options open. Still hoping I won't have to do any of them! How's your 2ww going? I think we're both 5dpo today.

At 7:10 PM, Anonymous lisau said...

I'm hoping Feebee...pulling sensations in uterus,headache,
heartburn, all that good stuff. Alternatively, I feel like I am just kidding myself,such is the nature of this TTC stuff.
I hope too that your luck turns before the need for IUI,
Take care & happy weekend,

At 4:51 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Sounds good Lisa! I have nothing to report, just waiting for AF as usual. Let me know if you have any news!


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