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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tick tock tick tock

Any tips on how to deal with treatment cycle 2 week waits?

5DPIUI. Surely that should be 15. Longest 2ww ever. I thought I'd reached the saturation point of TTC obsession a long time ago, but it turns out there is room for more. And I'm sure I can push myself even further if needs be.

The good news is that I'll be getting another natural IUI next cycle and possibly the cycle after that (no explanation given as to what the possibility depends on). I am relieved, as it means I will have a little bit of hope to help counteract the pain of another failed cycle. DH, on the other hand, is furious! He wants to go straight to the hard stuff, doesn't see the point in wasting any more time and money on odds of 6%. Of course I would rather do a couple of medicated IUIs followed closely by IVF, but that would be in an ideal world where I had some say in my treatment. To be honest, I'm quite overwhelmed at his enthusiasm, albeit negative; he doesn't usually show much interest, just goes along with things. (Note to DH: you are a very good DH and I luv you).

Poor DH has his op next week. That's his varicocele ligation op. He's not supposed to have intercourse for a few weeks afterwards, but I hope a quick one at the clinic a couple of weeks after won't be out of the question. Won't be telling the clinic about the op, we'll take our chances with his post-op swimmers. So the longer this 2ww is, the more chance DH will have recovered properly for the next IUI. Tick tock tick tock....


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