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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here we go again

Scan this morning, CD10, other things on my mind, expecting routine update and see you next week. Nope, I am ready to go.


Before the scan I told the nurse that I'd only stopped bleeding yesterday, and the look on her face turned me cold. Had already talked myself through the cancelled cycle, and was preparing to cancel Christmas when I saw a measurement on the screen: 7.2.

"Is that my lining?????"
"Well last time my lining was 6.9 and I got pregnant!!!!!"

Christmas is back on. 7.2mm is still a bit crap, but adequate. The nurse told me afterwards that she fully expected to have to cancel the cycle on hearing my news, but that the meds must have been thickening my lining while I was still shedding. I have one 17.5mm follicle and one 12mm one that probably won't make it. I've just taken my last FSH shot which might just give it a last-minute boost, but I'm not expecting twins. (Fuck it). So trigger tonight and IUI on Friday. Woohoo!!!

I had been ambling along, going through the motions of my twice daily injections, without much thought about why. I have been so detached from this cycle, I haven't had a thermometer in my mouth in 10 days, never entered my head to do an OPK. So today's news is like an unexpected gift - a 2ww, why thank you kind nurse.

Here we go again.....


At 1:29 AM, Anonymous lisau said...

Hi Feebee,
First off, best wishes for your IUI! It worked once, hopefully it will again with a happier ending.

As for your MIL/BIL situation, it is just tragic and I am so sorry that you are dealing with it. I wish I had some great solution but there obviously isn't one or you would have thought it up yourselves.Having her in your home full-time is asking too much though isn't it, you would literally be sacrificing your own life for hers.

As for me, I bagged TTC this mnth & will be out of the game til after the holidays at least. I realized my heart was not in it...7 losses have taken their toll and I can't have another right now,the last one nearly did me in. I need time to figure out whether straight out adoption with no TTC is the way to go- it may be but it certainly is at the moment!

Meanwhile I am leading my childrens school into a a designated "Green & Healthy " school-(environmentally friendly), working on my jewelry, retaking up painting,& getting in shape. In short focusing a bit on me for the first time in years and Feebee,it feels good!

I know that I want another child in my life but just may have changed course,time off will tell!

Meanwhile I will follow your dream and continue to wish you well!


At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Best best and again best of luck... thinking of you


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Feebee said...

Anon - thanks!

Lisa - I'm so sorry it's come to this for you. Seven losses is way too much for one person to bear. I hope you won't give up completely, but if that's what you have to do then I will understand. I'm glad that you are focusing on yourself for now and enjoying that time. I hope also to continue to follow your quest for another child, whatever form that may take. We will both have another child (3 more for me please!) and we will be able to swap photos and stories. But until then we both just have to keep on keeping on.

Hugs xxxxx

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

I just knew there would be some positive news for waiting here today when I checked in, think I am psychic....seriously after reading your MIL account I said something good has gotten to happen for Feebee soon and looks like it is.

Hang in there girl......

Thinking of you and hoping for you as always.


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