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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And then they tell you to relax

Our IUI went ahead as planned on Friday. Well, not exactly as I'd planned it, but I did get inseminated eventually. Here is my tale....

It all began at 9pm on Thursday when I started cramping. I had been having pains in my ovaries since I started Tamoxifen on CD2 and these had become progressively worse as the cycle progressed. By CD7 I was having difficulty sitting down and getting out of a chair, and both of my ovaries were sore and heavy. But Thursday's pain was different, not exactly O pain as I've known it unmedicated, but putting aside the considerable pain I was already feeling, I was fairly sure I was about to O.

After a restless night I took my temp for the first time this cycle. 36.61 - a high post-O temp for me. That was it, we'd missed the boat. I called the clinic as soon as soon as it was polite to do so, left a message and waited. It felt similar to when I was pregnant, bleeding and waiting for a scan. I really hadn't thought I was that stressed about this cycle but I suppose I can be good at hiding it, even from myself.

The call came and I was told that I could have a scan before the IUI to determine if and/or when I had O'd; if it had been the previous night as I had feared, then there would be no point in doing the IUI. I would meet DH at the clinic at the time he was due to give his donation and if it was good news, all would proceed as planned. If not, we would have one last ditch attempt of our own somewhere before he went back to work.

I have guessed the outcome of most of my trans-vaginal scans correctly but this one really caught me by surprise. Two collapsed but not yet flattened follicles. Yes, I had O'd but probably only in the last few hours, so IUI is go! Finally I could relax. DH went and did his bit and, as I had an hour to kill, I decided to drop him back to work. One hour and twenty minutes later I arrived back at the clinic, frazzled from a prolonged voyage through Dublin traffic hell.

So, if I do conceive this cycle it really will be one in the eye for the "just relax"ers. If I don't, well, I probably won't be thinking about them too much. It's 4dpo now, so let me see, 10dpo will be.............Christmas day! What are the chances of having a failed cycle on Christmas day two years in a row? I'm sure the odds must be huge. I won't be taking any chances though, will save that privelege for Stephens day.


At 12:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to speed-read your whole text to see the outcome... ..phew, and yah for just collapsed folicles!

Hope you have lots of distraction planned for the next 6 (7) days.


At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Treelo said...

You are right to leave the testing till Stephans Day honey, no point in putting that stress on yourself on Xmas day itself. Really hope you can enjoy Xmas. I'm delighted you got to go ahead with the IUI, a close one by the sounds of it! Best of luck honey.

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous gilly said...

Best, Best, Best of Luck..fingers crossed for you......

Gilly xx


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